Cocoon Swaddle

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Design: Chestnut

Instant swaddle

Effortless Comfort, Instant Love: Cocoon Swaddle

Our Cocoon Swaddle is designed with a stretchy fabric to ensure a snug fit, providing your baby with the perfect level of cozy comfort and security. With its user-friendly design, our Cocoon Swaddle makes swaddling a breeze, helping you and your baby get a restful night's sleep.

Say goodbye to fussy bedtime routines and hello to peaceful nights with our Cocoon Swaddle.




0 - 6 month


- Instant swaddle
- Breathable & stretchable fabric
- Good sweat absorption
- Diaper-Changing friendly (hole at the bottom of swaddle)
- Comes with matching Beanie Hat

Package included

1x Cocoon Swaddle
1x Beanie Hat

Making Swaddling A Breeze.

Experience the convenience of instantly swaddling your little one without the hassle of traditional wrapping methods. Comes together with a matching beanie hat.

Stretchy material

Meticulously designed using stretchable fabric to ensure a snug and snugly fit for your newborn baby.

Knotted beanie hat

Beanie hat that perfectly combines style and functionality, featuring seamless insides for ultimate comfort.

Diaper-changing friendly

Simply open the swaddle from the bottom hole to easily change the diaper without having to open the entire swaddle.

Instant swaddle

Experience hassle-free swaddling with our instant swaddle by inserting it from the feet.

Diaper-changing friendly

Change diapers effortlessly by simply opening the swaddle's bottom hole instead of undoing the entire swaddle.

Instant swaddle

Save time and effort with our easy-to-use swaddle - just insert and you're done!

Airy & breathable

Our swaddle is crafted from a highly breathable fabric, ensuring optimal air circulation for your baby's comfort.

It is so comfortable! Thank you so much for making my life easier.

Hikmah Azni

Great material, soft and cozy. My baby loves it.

Khairol Rizuan

At first macam skeptical, but it helps put him to sleep!

Nur Liana